Criminal Defense

Drug Crimes

Whether an individual is facing charges for possessing, manufacturing, buying, selling, or using illegal drugs, these charges can be devastating. If convicted, these crimes can result in lengthy prison sentences. If you are an immigrant, a conviction means almost certain deportation, and often a permanent bar from reentry into the United States. Michael Rendón will assess the facts of each case and determine the best course of action for defending such cases. Many times it is just a matter of attacking an illegal search and seizure. Attorney Rendón is intimately aware of the serious consequences of a drug conviction for an immigrant and may be able to negotiate a resolution to amended charges that might not result in deportation.

Economic Crimes

Economic or white-collar crimes generally involve an allegation that someone was defrauded. Whether the charge is embezzlement, fraud, or money laundering, these cases are document intensive and can only be successfully defended by lawyers willing and able to find the documents that support the defendant’s theory of the case. Attorney Rendón spent more than twenty-five years as a Special Agent investigating document intensive crimes and knows what it takes to successfully resolve these types of cases. He will use those skills with equal intensity to defend his clients.

Gun Crimes

Although the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution gives it’s citizens the right to bear arms, this right is not absolute and there are many ways that an individual can find that he/she has violated either the State or Federal laws regulating the possession, use, sale, manufacture, and transportation of weapons. Attorney Rendón will advocate on your behalf to successfully resolve these matters.


Under Ohio criminal law, there are several classifications of murder:

  • Murder
  • Aggravated murder
  • Capital murder

These are all very serious crimes with very serious consequences. However, many of these cases can be successfully defended. Competent, detail oriented counsel is a must in defending these cases. Having worked as a State and Federal Prosecutor, Michael Rendón knows what resources to utilize in combating these types of charges. He will assess each case based on the facts and attack evidentiary weaknesses in an effort to put each case in proper perspective.


In general, conspiracy is a crime that involves two or more individuals acting together to achieve a common illegal purpose. Although each co-conspirator may not know or have met with one another, every co-conspirator can be charged with any and all of the crimes committed in furtherance of the overall conspiracy. As a Special Agent, a Federal Prosecutor and as a State Prosecutor, Attorney Rendón routinely investigated and prosecuted these types of cases. He is well equipped to combat and defend against these charges.

Federal Criminal Sentencing

Quite often in federal criminal cases the Federal Sentencing Guidelines can be the difference between a defendant spending many years in prison or being eligible for probation. Although federal judges are not bound by the sentencing guidelines and may depart upward or downward, the Federal Sentencing Guidelines are the starting point in any federal sentencing hearing. It is therefore of utmost importance to have counsel with a solid working knowledge of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines who understands all of the variables that impact sentencing and who knows when and how to argue for the variables that would suggest a sentence less severe than the government’s recommendation. Michael Rendón developed a strong command of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines as a result of his work as a Special Assistant United States Attorney. He will use that knowledge to negotiate with the government, and to argue at the time of sentencing for a Guidelines calculation and ultimate sentence that is most advantageous to his client.

These are just examples of the types of state and federal criminal laws that can be defended by Michael J. Rendón, LLC. Attorney Rendón has the experience in both the state and federal court systems to resolve any criminal matter that may arise. Michael J. Rendón is accessible 24 hours a day to defend you.